Notes from a non-executive director

This is a series of articles about applying for, being selected for and serving as a non-executive director.

The first article is about how the NED interview and selection process appears to the candidate. The second article looks at what a candidate should look at when deciding which board to join. The third article lists the 6 things to watch out for when assessing an NED Letter of Appointment. The fourth article suggests what the new NED should focus on in their first 100 days.

Subsequent pieces focus on how NED's should react in different situations at board level.

This is certainly not an academic or theoretical corporate governance text. It's just a practical guide from someone who has actually faced all these issues and learnt from the experience.

Applying for an NED positionHow to approach your first Non-Executive Director interview
How to choose your first non-executive role
How to assess your NED Offer Letter
Being an NEDYour first 100 days as an NED
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